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    About Claire

    As a former Art Therapist, turned Entrepreneurial Mindset coach, I pivoted after receiving many High End Entrepreneurs and Leaders attempting to try ANYTHING to rid themselves of overwhelm.. I realised I could be 10x more impactful if I got there long before they reached the burnout phase.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed running your business, feel free to DM me or book a connection call.

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    If you’ve been experiencing stress, feelings of overwhelm or confusion regarding your business, I can help you. 

    My favourite way to work with clients, is to explain how their brains work and how we can use that information to hack how we think for optimal success. Ridding ourselves of overwhelm, our inner critics and actually achieving our dreams.

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    Every Monday I go live, so you can get access to a quick training that will ground you, help you feel more in control and really start the week on a high note.

    I’m here to help you become the unstoppable entrepreneur that you KNOW you are. 

    Providing ongoing support, Facebook Live Training, Promo days and free coaching days!

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